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LevelUp is a consulting and coaching offer for aspiring leaders. It is in particular suited for you in case:

  • You are applying for a leadership position for the first time.
  • You are already familiar with selection procedures in which other experts examine your expertise and skills. With me, you want to focus on preparing well for an analysis of your personality and leadership potential by a psychologist or analyst.
  • You are resilient and have a good work-life balance, but the private and professional challenges related to this position are enormous. Therefore, you seek support from a professional coach before problems arise.
  • Your interest goes beyond success in the interview: You want to lay a solid foundation for long-term success in the new position.

Stage 1: Systemic Coaching

Together we reflect on how the new job relates to your values and overall goals in life.

  • Might any conflicts or challenges arise?
  • What precautions may you take, and which resources can you rely on to successfully master them?
  • Are there unanswered questions and support requests for your new employer?
  • How do you communicate these professionally?

Clarity about open issues and an initial roadmap for long-term success will be valuable assets for you in the selection process and beyond.

Stage 2: Strategy consulting

Many applicants fail due to concerns they do not take seriously enough and unconscious biases of key stakeholders.

Together we will analyze the role of all major stakeholders in the application process and consider what justified and unjustified, spoken and unspoken concerns they may have. Based on this analysis, I will design a mock interview tailored to the specific application process.

After we have jointly developed an overall strategy it will be up to you to prepare well for the mock interview.

Stage 3: Mock interview

During the simulation, you will practice

  • how to respond to concerns and overcome biases
  • making a powerful mission statement
  • conveying key messages clearly
  • being authentic and responding well to questions aimed at analyzing your personality.

Furthermore, I will give you feedback on your reasoning as well as on your verbal and non-verbal communication pattern.

Duration & further steps

We plan the process individually according to your needs. For each step, you should plan roughly 1.5 hours.

If successful, I am happy to offer additional coaching to accompany your first steps in your new position.

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