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Systemic Coaching

Systemic coaching is a comprehensive coaching approach that focuses on the big picture.

It recognizes the complexity of individuals and groups. Rather than providing simple „one size fits all“ fixes a systemic coach tries to understand the systems we operate in.

In helping clients to navigate within their one’s system more capably the coach opens up new possibilities for action.

Practice clients wanted !

Would you like to benefit from my many years of experience as a manager and consultant?

I will help you achieving your goals in individual coaching sessions.

Until March 2023 I offer new customers that support my ongoing training as coach the first two 45 min coaching sessions for free and charge for up to 4 additional sessions 25 Euro each.

Coaching will help you to

  • to recognize your potentials & possibilities
  • achieve professional & private goals
  • to question existing thought patterns and to influence them positively
  • overcome recurring conflicts and obstacles

How does coaching work ?

We meet regularly for joint coaching sessions, in which I will support you in achieving your goals through targeted discussion techniques and honest feedback.

We will look at situations and challenges from different angles and work out new possibilities for action that will help you move forward.

Systemic Coaching

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